Top 4 Advanced Tips For Marvel: Contest Of Champions

Contest Of Champions Tips

Top 4 Advanced Tips For Marvel: Contest Of Champions

There are so many games available for PC and Smartphone but these days mobile devices are having intense popularity and a great demand of games. Marvel, a popular movie maker has many popular characters and these are used in many popular games. Marvel: Contest of champion is an IOS and Android game developed by Kabam studios which is completely based on fighting.

In this guide, we will talk about –

  1. Avoid Button Mash
  2. Replay Previous Quests
  3. Crystal Currency System
  4. Player Vs. Player Matches

These are some of the important factors of Marvel Contest of champions and it will make you assure the victory and get used to common things. We recommend focusing on the tutorial because it can help in taking down opponent faster and being the top gamer with ease.

Avoid Button Mash

Most of people always mash the onscreen button but it isn’t the right method of playing. It will definitely make you lose but if you play smart and mix up all the moves then taking down opponent is easy and you can rely on this method. It isn’t a complex game but there is need of strategy to assure the victory. Block and dodge are key factors to assure the victory and you need to focus on these vital factors otherwise you can’t assure the victory in this game.

Replay Previous Quests

All the quests you are playing in marvel contest of champions can be played twice and you can get numerous benefits by playing these. As if it becomes hard to progress in later stages then try out playing the same quests and earning more resources. It also helps in being strong in this game this is why you can rely on it. Basically, you can beef up the team by replaying old quests again. Surely, the reward won’t be same but it is recommended to play them.

Crystal Currency System

As you complete any of the quests then there are crystals provided. Basically, you are able to acquire purple crystal on completion of quests. It offers you variety of rewards whereas premium hero chest is best one and it is available only on the purchase. It can guarantee a two star hero and it is reliable method to choose. Even you can acquire stringer heroes by it. You can get crystals just by using our Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack.

Player Vs. Player Matches

If you play the matches against real human then there are higher chances that you can get good bonus with ease. As by amassing two star heroes and the above ranked heroes, you can increase the reward value. It is a great option to choose but you need to wipe out the rivals to get the benefits of it.

Final Words

These are some basic but vital tips to help you out in being the top gamer and taking down higher number of opponents. Most of gamers rely on it and reach on apex. Make sure to avoid spending money on the in-app purchases.

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