Marvel Contest Of Champions – Tips, Tricks For Upgrades

Contest Of Champions Tips and Tricks

Marvel Contest Of Champions – Tips, Tricks For Upgrades

While playing marvel contest of champions, a game from Kabam, you have seen many complication. This is a dense game because of so many options and hard to play gameplay. Well, don’t feel confused because this guide will offer you a walkthrough to know the vital factors and it is going to help in being a hard competitor. It starts from the class bonus because it matters the most in progression.

Every class offers a different bonus and you must be aware about this factor. It can offer a additional damage with advantage. Basically, there is class bonus hierarchy and it is as Skills – Tech – Mutant – Science – Mystic – Cosmic and then Skill. You have to keep this factor in mind while coming up with a new and good team because it play the vital role in progression and wining over opponent that’s why you can rely on this factor.

The next thing you have to do is upgrade the character and it is really important in the path of progression otherwise you won’t be a tough competitor.

Getting Heroes

There are many methods which can help in getting heroes and you can choose any of the method to progress. Well, the easiest method to get a strong hero is to purchase the premium chest crystal and it can provide way better rewards. In order to get the hero from two to four stars, you need to rely on premium hero crystal and it can be purchased by 100 units. The chances are pretty much decent but you can defiantly get one.

Daily login is other method of getting the daily crystal but make sure to never miss it. The reward offered by this crystal is higher level heroes and it can provide heroes from one star to three stars. It is reliable method and you can definitely get better heroes. In order to get better abilities, you need to upgrade these and it can be done by spending currencies. Lastly, there are arena crystals and these are awarded on winning in arena. These are surely offering the best reward but most of the time, these offer pretty much simple heroes. Crystals can also be generated with Marvel Contest Of Champions Hack.

Upgrading Heroes

As you have so many heroes so you need to decide that which hero is right one to go with while upgrading. It can be pretty much tough thing but if you want to play upcoming stages with better rate then must spend your currencies on high ranked heroes and it is important too. Keep on spending currency so that you can come up with better heroes and higher abilities.

The Conclusion

Surely, marvel contest of champions isn’t a simple game. It requires a complete strategy to win over opponent and gain higher amount of currency. Many online sources may be tempting you on the name of free crystal and other things but don’t rely on those. They can make you tackle because chances of getting banned are higher with them. Rely on the authenticated methods only.

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