Marvel Contest Of Champions: Heroes Guide

Contest Of Champions Guide

Marvel Contest Of Champions: Heroes Guide

Marvel Contest of Champions is ruling over Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store due to interactive features and the gameplay. You will love the fact that there are so many things to do in this game and important one is to earn currencies and getting the heroes. Crystal is important as it can offer you heroes and many more things without tackling to any issue. If it becomes tough to obtain currencies then spending money to obtain chest is easy and quite reliable method.




The game is based on the fictional character of Marvel and there are so many heroes divided into different categories according to their abilities. You can find one, two, three and four star heroes offering different abilities. In order to be the top notch gamer, you have to choose the right hero from all of them. Getting a strong character is possible by the premium chest and you can get it by in-app purchases.

Almost every hero in this game is good. The only fact which makes them poor is less hit points. If you have a character with the less hit point and opponent is using better one then you are surely in wrong side. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t win. Basically, it is all about the skills. Having higher abilities of character doesn’t make them powerful because they also have demerits and weak points.


The game is all about fight but if you want to win then offense is also playing the vital role. Let’s get stated with blocking the opponent and dodging almost every attack. The right side of your screen is for offense whereas the left side has the opposite purpose. It completely defenses you. Don’t go for button mash because it can make you lose. Mix up the attacks while keeping the guard on and it will be able to provide you the best defense possible.

How To Attack?

After learning the method to defend, you need to attack. Keep this tip in mind that all the objects nearby helps in defense and taking over the opponent. Come closer and attack from a distance. Try to defend the first attack and then you try out kick. It will surely help and most of expert keeps this thing as secret. If you get the advantage in beginning then chances of winning are surely higher that’s why you can rely on this method.

Final Words

You should choose the right hero and learn the method of playing. Every hero offer special moves and it can be worth learning that’s why we recommend you to focus on those factors otherwise winning isn’t possible. Try to go with the pure basics and mix up all the attacks. Keep on collecting premium chests so that you can get better heroes with ease. Almost every gamer focus on these tricks and assures the victory. These are reliable and helpful in the path of achieving success.

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